Do you yearn to feel truly loved by your Man?

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Today I’m going to talk about how you can turn things around in your relationship. Whether you are in a relationship or you are looking for Mr Right, this advice will bring your man closer to you or it will attract a new someone into your life.  This article is from a lady called Rori Raye.  She’s a relationship coach from America and I have read so much of her articles and she has some great advice.  

Rori R

Click on this link below, this will take you to her site.

Her website  is filled with so much information you will be reading her articles all night!

I feel very passionate about relationships.  I believe that everyone should be loved and feel loved.  Of course, relationships need work, to keep everything feeling great.  I think this is where a lot of people fail in relationships.  For me, communication has to be one of the most important factors of a good relationship.  I think the majority of people would agree.  

My boyfriend works in another Country and calls me several times during the day and we see each other every weekend.  To me, that takes a lot of commitment but we wouldn’t have it any other way, well, apart from being together!!  He’s just amazing and I met him after I took the advice of this lady here.

Also, below, is a clip of one of her videos.  I really enjoy these she is very good.

Have fun reading and watching her videos and I’ll see you tomorrow ….

Write Your Goals Down

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Following on from yesterday, I want to tell you how important it is for you to write down your goals.

What are your goals for this year? Make clear written goals and carry them with you everywhere. Read through your goals every day. 

It’s proven that the people that set clear goals achieve them and have more success than the people who don’t.  ​

Our brain is just like a GPS system.  You cannot get to where you want to go unless you program the GPS system.  You cannot have your brain create what you want if you don’t tell it what you want, and train your brain to know what you want.

Once you start this you will see things start to manifest into your life.  Feels what it’s like to have them before you actually do. 

Have a look at this video, again from Jake Ducey, and the importance of writing down what it is you want. 

See you tomorrow ….

Ask yourself, “How can I have all of this?”

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How can you manifest what you want?  What happens is, when we want something in our life. You know, maybe you want to double your income, you want to make £100,000, you want to find your soulmate, you want to live in your dream house, you want to move to your dream destination. And what happens is our brains are programmed in order to live very small lives.

So when we have a desire, instead of asking “How can I have this thing?”, our brain automatically is programmed from the way our culture is set up, to find out why we can’t have what we want.

Has that ever happened to you before? You wanted something and then immediately your brain came in and was like “Here’s why you can’t have it. It’s not even possible.  And then that happens to us and we we give up before we get started.

We’ve given up and we haven’t even got started. We need  to start to reprogram the brain. 

So we’re automatically programmed to think that we can’t have everything that we want. Or when we get a new desire, we’re programmed to think “Why? It’s not possible”. We need to train our brain.

So the first thing to ask yourself is “How can I have this thing?”. Notice that question. It’s an open-ended question that pushes you towards possibilities rather than limitations. So think of something that you want in life, whether it’s more money, whether it’s a new car, or whether you want a new job.  Whatever it is that you want in your life. 

Ask yourself “How can I have what I want? How can I have this thing?”. How can you train your brain?

Pull out a pen and paper and you start listing out how you can have it. Possible steps you can take.

You train your brain to get impossibilities, rather than to shut them off and turn the lights off before you even see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Listen to the great Jake Ducey here showing you ways to re-wire your subconcious mind …. see you tomorrow.


Train your Brain

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Thanks for coming back and taking the time to change your life for the better. 

What if I was to tell you that you could train your brain to attract everything that you want in your life?

You see, your brain, if you’ve trained it correctly, will get you anything that you want in life. 

Let me show you the steps for how to attract what you want by training your brain to get it for you.

Train your brain to choose a “both” instead of “either/or”

Most people are always choosing either/or. When there’s something that somebody wants in life, or there’s two things that they want in life, they decide which one is more important. Then they go after that. And so what happens is, we’re convincing our brain that we can only have one thing or the other. And it becomes a way that we get out of creative thinking.

We choose one or the other and we tell the brain the other one isn’t that important. You can’t have both of them. So the brain says “I’ll only focus on creating this one thing in your life for you and you can’t have the other thing”.

An example might be someone says “You know, maybe you’ve heard this before you can’t be rich and happy. Choose one or the other.”

And there’s a lot of different things like that, right? You can’t have both. Actually you can have both. You live in a world of infinite possibilities, infinite potentialities. And we live in a totally forgiving, loving, abundant world. We can have whatever we want.

It’s just that people don’t think that they can have everything they want, so they compartmentalize their existence. And then their brain thinks “This is only what they can do in life”.

And so, get in the habit of starting to ask yourself “How can I have both?”

When you see things come up in your life, how can I have both, right? How can I have both? And what you’re doing is you’re training your brain to higher level of possibilities. But you’re also starting to put yourself in a place where you think creatively about how to create what you want, instead of using it as a cop-out to say “I can only have”. “I can only have happiness”, or, you know, “I can’t have this”, “I can’t have that a great job and a great marriage”, and they’d be really healthy. It’s one or the other. How do you have it all?

And when you start to train your brain like that, you find out that life can get a lot better than you ever thought it could.

Come back tomorrow to see how we can continue to attract what we want.  Wouldn’t life be wonderful if you could have everything that you wanted.  All it takes is a few minutes a day to train your brain.  Come back tomorrow for more information.

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A Law of Attraction Meditation for Guidance

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In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, you need to have the correct mindset.  You need to take time each day to step away from the clutter and the noise. A daily commitment to spend time in this still, quiet place is a commitment to clarity and inner peace.

We need this time and space in our lives in order to remember who we really are, what’s important, and where our personal truth lies. It is our time to calm the spirit and soothe the soul.

You can learn how to meditate in many different ways, but in general, they consist of simply being still and quiet for a period of time and focusing your attention on either your breath or a mantra of some sort.

If you are new to the practice of meditation—your thoughts will drift, and your mind will wander at first. Remember not to be hard on yourself when this happens. This is just part of learning how to meditate.

If you have never meditated before, here’s a simple structure of exercises you can use to begin.

  1. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on slowing down your breathing.
  2. Repeat an uplifting word or phrase.
  3. Move into a state of quiet.

The regular practice of meditation will help clear your mind of distractions, cleanse your thoughts, and enhance your spiritual connection. It renews the spirit, relaxes the body, and calms the soul.

I always find that concentrating on my breathing helps me meditate.  It has taken a long time for me but it does get easier.  I normally find that my mind is always racing and I find it difficult to switch off!

I hope you enjoyed this and that you do realise that you are in control of your future and you can manifest anything you want.

Have a look at this video from Jake Ducey.  I like his enthusiastic approach to life ….enjoy!

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow. ……

The Law of Attraction in Love and Relationships


Hi everyone, 

Thanks for visiting my website.  Today we are going to look at the Law of Attraction and how we can use it when it comes to love.   

If you want to create an abundance of love in your life, then focus on love. Be the love you want to attract.

Become more loving and generous with others and with yourself. By creating the vibration of love, you will automatically draw more love into your life.

Focus on whatever it is that you want to create more of in your life, and remember to be grateful for that which you already have.

Gratitude itself is a form of abundance, and the vibrational frequency of gratitude and appreciation will automatically attract even more to be grateful for.

We all deserve to be loved and give love.  I hope that you will use the Law of Attraction to bring more love into your life.

Have a look at this video from Jake Ducey …

Have a great day, see you tomorrow.


Money and the Law of Attraction

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great day.  Right, lets get into todays subject which is, how does the Law of Attraction work and how you can attract more money. 

If you want to create financial abundance in your life, then start by focusing on prosperity and money flowing into your life.

Envision the cheques coming in the mail. Write yourself a cheque for the sum of money you wish to manifest this year, and post it in a visible location. Every time you see it, believe that it is possible.

Remember to take a moment to be thankful for everything that you already have. By doing this, you are creating a vibrational match for the financial abundance that you want to attract into your future life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was to happen!  It’s happened to me and that’s how I know it works. 


Have a great day,  see you soon. …


How to use the Law of Attraction

Did you make time to watch ‘The Secret’ film that was in the link yesterday.  I hope you did.  Right let’s get into the how to use the Law of Attraction works ………

Once you understand the Law of Attraction you can begin to consciously and intentionally create a better life.

You can choose to react differently to the situations that arise during your day.

You can choose to deliberately participate in the creation of your future by managing your thoughts and feelings.

Using the Law of Attraction is a three-step process: ask, believe and receive. Let’s go into detail on each aspect.

1. Ask the universe for what you want, not for what you don’t want.

Every day, you send out requests to the universe, as well as to your subconscious mind, in the form of thoughts: literally, what you think about, read about, talk about, and give your attention to. Unfortunately, what we give our attention to is often random and not deliberate, you simply respond to situations.

Because the Law of Attraction states that you’ll attract into your life whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to—wanted or unwanted.

You must become more deliberate about what you think and feel.  To become more intentional about the thoughts you offer the universe, you’ll need to decide what you want, but also practice feeling those emotions you’ll experience when you have it.

Perhaps you want to change career, move to another Country or meet the love of your life.

How would you feel once you’ve “arrived” at your goal?

What would you be doing throughout your day?

Who would you be spending time with?

The more you focus on and talk about what you DO want (instead of what you don’t want), the faster you will manifest your dreams and goals.

2. Believe that you’ll get what you want, then take action.

What does it mean to believe you’ll get what you want?

It means maintaining a positive expectancy, going about your day with certainty,  knowing that you’ve put your future in the hands of powers that are greater than yours. It’s deciding with conviction that what you want will absolutely happen.
This is not always easy.

Many people have limiting beliefs which keep them from allowing abundance and happiness into their lives. If this describes you, realise that you must first change your limiting beliefs into thoughts that you are deserving, worthy, lovable, desirable, and capable, as well as smart enough, strong enough, attractive enough, rich enough, good enough, and “enough” in every other way that matters to you.

Once you believe that you’ll get what you want, the second part of the equation is to take action.

Taking the actions that would create your desired result affirms your belief that what you want is within reach.

3. Receive what you want by becoming a vibrational match for it.

In order to receive what you want, you must become a “vibrational match” to attract it into your life.

The easiest way to become a vibrational match is to focus on creating positive emotions of love, joy, appreciation, and gratitude throughout your day. You can also practice feeling the emotions you would be experiencing if you already had what you wanted. You can also create these emotions through the thoughts that you think. In fact, your thoughts are creating feelings all the time, so it’s important to catch yourself when your emotions turn negative and turn them to positive emotions.
As with everything, this takes time and practice. However, the more you put a conscious effort into attracting what you want, and following these steps, the easier it will become.

You can begin to expect miracles.

You probably think that this is too good to be true.  Well, so did I to begin with.  A lot of famous people believe in the Law of Attraction like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga to name just a few.

Another person I like to listen to is Tony Robbins.  Below, is one of his videos.  He’s also very passionate about the Law of Attraction and wanting to get the message across to others of the power of Law of Attraction.

Hope you enjoy this video if you do, please let me know.

See again on the next post ….


The Law of Attraction

If you want to change your life for the better, there is a way that you can do this and you can start straight away.  Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  I had not heard of it until the last 18 months and I have been surprised as how it works in every day life. 

The Law of Attraction is very powerful. It is working in your life at this very moment. You are always in a state of creation. You are creating your reality in every moment of every day. You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously. You can’t take a break from it and decide not to create because creation never stops.

If you want to change your life, and empower yourself to create an amazing future, then you need to understand your role in the Law of Attraction.

Expect miracles.

The Law of Attraction allows for infinite possibilities, infinite abundance, and infinite joy. It knows no order or difficulty, and it can change your life in every way.

I’ve been watching Jake Ducey on YouTube every day for the last 10 months and I have to say he is very passionate about the Law of Attraction.  He’s got a lot of energy that is very infectious and his videos are not too long but the message is very clear. 

Take a look at his website it’s full of information and he also has a free HYPNOSIS MP3 that you can listen to and change the way you think.  One of his books ‘Into the Wind’ is very interesting and in it he describes his six months journey around the world.  Click on this link and have a look at his book

This is just one of his videos and if you’re like me you’ll be watching them everyday.  It will put you in the right mindset at the start of every day.

If you’re still  not convinced then I suggest that you watch a film called ‘The Secret’ click this link and I can assure you this will change your mind. 

Tomorrow I shall go into more depth on how to use The Law of Attraction. 

Change your mindset and get ready2achive whatever you want.


Not experiencing the love, security and passion you want with your partner.

This is how I felt for a very long time.  Things were so bad that I ended my relationship.  Then I decided that I wanted to make the most of the time that I had, being no spring chicken!  Life is too short.

After having some me time, I decided to join the dating agency and my life turned around.  I know today people don’t think twice about swiping left or right but I’m going back about five years ago when it was kind of a new thing to do, especially where I live. 

After meeting a few people and fast forward about six months later I met my soon to be Husband.  I feel so luck, he’s the most amazing man, we get on really well and he would do anything for me and also I would for him too.  

So if you’re in the same situation, firstly I would obviously try to make things work out with your current partner, but if you’ve already tried everything and you probably know that it would be best for all concerned if you weren’t together.  It is more difficult when their are children involved.  In the long run you have to do what’s best for you.  You deserve to be happy and be treated with the respect that you deserve.

I would also recommend that you have a look at some of these articles.  This lady is a relationship coach and she gives great advice.  Here’s a link to her Modern Siren programme and if you can I suggest you give it a try  It will give you great confidence and it worked for me.  this is a book that she has as well, I suggest you take a look and see what you think –

She also speaks from past experience and knows exactly what it is like to be in a unfulfilling relationship.

Remember life is short so make the most of every day.  You are awesome and you deserve to be happy.